Improve Your Health with an Air Filter- 5 Reasons to Choose a High-End Air Purifier

Improve Your Health with an Air Filter- 5 Reasons to Choose a High-End Air Purifier

When it comes to air pollution, much of our focus remains on the pollution levels outside our own home. What many people fail to realise is that indoor air pollution can be up to 10 times worse than outdoor air pollution. This is due to the simple reason that contained areas allow for a gradual build-up of pollutants over time.

The major sources of indoor air pollution are combustion, asbestos, pesticide sprays, environmental tobacco smoke and volatile organic matter amongst others. Cooking produces a considerable amount of air pollution due to the kinds of fuels used which include but are not limited to, firewood, cow dung cakes, coal, kerosene and LPG etc.

Purifying your home living environment is vital in order to lead a healthy, disease-free life. Air pollution, if unchecked can cause respiratory issues. An air purifier is a prudent way to increase the quality of air in a room. Different types of air purifiers for home, use various kinds of technologies to make sure that the air you and your family breathe is healthy and free of allergens and pollutants. Using an air purifier at home is the ideal way to combat indoor air pollution. Given below are 5 reasons to choose a good air purifier for your home, because, compromising on the air you breathe, is risky.

    1. Performance: High-end air purifiers help provide cleaner air, by using advanced technology to keep impurities and dust out. Air purifiers that use HEPA filters are extremely accurate in eliminating harmful elements from the air, thus providing clean healthy air to breathe. A high-end air purifier from a reputed brand will also have a number of performance reviews online, so judging its capability will not be difficult.


    1. Long Life: High-end air purifiers have a long life, offering many benefits to the consumer. Since this appliance is a one time investment, it makes sense to purchase a high-end purifier that will serve you without worry for many years. High-end purifiers also come with a manufacturer’s warranty, so you will never have to worry about running from pillar to post for servicing, if the need arises.


    1. Multiple features:  High-end air purifierscome with multiple features, like digital controls, multiple fan speeds and anti-allergen filters, amongst others. This enables them to remove not only visible dust particles but also sub-micron particles and infection-bearing microbes from the air.


    1. Noise: Operating noise can become an issue, especially if the appliance is being used for 24 hours a day. Usually, manufacturers provide a decibel rating for the air purifier’s fan-speed. The high-end purifiers usually are high-performing but relatively quiet. Clean air, without unnecessary and unwanted noise.


    1. Extra advantages: Investing in a high-end air purifier is expensive, which is why manufacturers offer an EMI scheme. Not only that, there is also free installation and free shipping, quick service and other important things that go a long way in ensuring that your relationship with your air purifier starts off smoothly.


Purchasing an air purifier is an important step in ensuring a clean, healthy living environment. The vast range of air purifiers online makes it easy to choose one that is suitable for your home/office.

Today, indoor air pollution is a very real threat. Eliminate any chances of infection or respiratory illnesses, by investing in a high-end air purifier for your home!