5 Clever ways to use your vacuum cleaner

5 Clever ways to use your vacuum cleaner

There are so many unexplored ways in which you can use your vacuum cleaner to keep your house clean. It’s the festive season and you would want to get your cleaning done before the guests start pouring in. Everyone would want to make a good impression, especially in front of relatives that are sure to visit during the next holiday season.

Here are 4 vacuum cleaner hacks that will help you keep your house spotless:

Get rid of carpet dents
If you wanted to avoid unsightly carpet dents left behind by furniture when you decide to rearrange the furniture. Keep a bowl of ice cubes ready before you shift the furniture to the new spots. Place few ice cubes on the dents and let the ice melt. The water helps the carpet fibres to return to their original upright position. Once done, use your wet and dry vacuum cleaner over the wet spots to bring back the original shape of the carpet. And there, your furniture looks amazing in the new arrangement and the carpet does not give away any evidence of the old arrangement.

Make your home allergen free
During winter, most households keep windows and doors shut to keep the cold winds out. This automatically makes them dust magnets and you might notice a layer of dust accumulated on the edges. This is especially hard to clean when the crevices are narrow and small. Use your vacuum cleaner’s brush tool and clean these edges before opening the windows so that the dust does not make its way into your house. Once fine dust like this blows into your house, it is very difficult to get rid of it, additionally it can also cause allergies.

Deodorise cushions and pillows
Plush cushions and pillows that cannot be washed can acquire an unpleasant smell over time. Add a few drops of your favourite essential oil or perfume to your vacuum cleaner’s bag. As you vacuum over the surface of the cushion or the pillow, the scent eventually gets released onto them, this is a great way to ensure your home smells great after cleaning.

Keep pet dander from building up
If you have pets then you're bound to struggle with pet fur and dander ruining your clothes, especially plain black or white clothes. Vacuum all your linen before washes to keep pet dander from building up and also clogging your washing machine’s lint filter. You can even use a vacuum cleaner to remove the build up in your washing machine’s filter.

This festive season, bring home a product from Euroclean, the best vacuum cleaner range from Eureka Forbes and ensure that your house is sparkling clean before the guests start pouring in. There is no feeling as wonderful as waking up on every morning to a beautifully decorated and maintained home!