Choose the Right Air Purifier for Your Home

Day in and day out. Constantly. Without a break. Every ticking second. Breathing is one activity we perform every single moment and an important one at that. Shouldn't we then consider and be aware of what we inhale and exhale? After all, it’s a lifelong affair and it affects our well-being.

What’s not in our control is the air we breathe when we’re outdoors. It’s a man-made catastrophe out there and with more and more vehicles being registered on a daily basis, the future doesn't look very clean. Or clear. The revving bikes, accelerating cars and toxic smoke released from trucks, all contribute equally to the situation. Wearing masks, rolling up the windows and not travelling during peaks hours are some solutions one can think of.

That’s when you’re outdoors.

However, within the confines of your home, everything is in your control - what you do, what you don’t, what you breathe and what you don’t. Your home is your personal space. Which is why, an air purifier is something you must think of, considering the surroundings you live in. By choosing to have an air purifier in your home you can be assured that your lungs will thank you and so will your family.

Here’s what you must consider when buying air purifiers for home:

Technology: Technology is evolving by the minute. It’s no different with technology for air purifiers. Today, you can choose air purifiers that come with an active 10X pre filter, advanced HEPA filter to remove airborne particles of 0.3 microns with an efficiency rate of 99.9% or patented active shield 2X technology that eliminates infection carrying microbes, to name a few. So there’s the best of everything out there. Choose wisely.

Brand: Every other day there’s a new brand screaming from the rooftop, trying to make a point. Attempting to sell a air purifier. Pick a brand you’ve heard of. A brand your family is familiar with. A brand, that in your mind, is omnipresent. And when you do that, trust, quality, service and a host of other benefits follow.

Price: While quality and technology play a pivotal role in deciding which air purifier to buy, price matters as well. Today, the choice is so wide that you can choose from roughly Rs. 1500 to Rs. 40000 or more. The rule of thumb over here is, buy what fits your home, requirements and lifestyle. And get it at the best possible price.

After-sales: After-sales is something you must look into very meticulously. While the best air purifiers wouldn't require much of this service, it’s always good to opt for a brand that has a reputation of great service. That way you don't have to worry, if something goes wrong. Not that it will.

Bring home an air purifier and welcome good health and happiness.