8 Proven Tips to Manage Asthma and Allergies


8 Proven Tips to Manage Asthma and Allergies

With the weather warming up outside, people feel that relaxing indoors to beat the heat is an ideal solution. However, in reality this is not true! On World Asthma Day, find out how you can #BreatheEasy and combat indoor air pollution.

Healthy lungs are the key to good health. However, continuous intake of impure air causes irreversible damage to your lungs.

Did you know? Indoor air is 10 times* more polluted than the air outside. It contains pollutants like dust, bacteria, pollen, VOCs, PM 2.5 & 10 that can affect your overall health. These harmful pollutants, present in your home, enter the respiratory damage to your lungs, causing health complications.

A few precautionary measures that can go a long way to help you keep your indoor air quality healthy and protect you from upper respiratory tract infections that can lead to asthma. Let’s find out!

01 Cleaning air filters of air conditioner regularly

I s AC bad for asthma? More and more people install air conditioners and air coolers to beat the scorching heat, not knowing that it does more harm than good. The air conditioners keep running all day long, recirculating the same air which contains small particles and pollutants such as moulds, smoke, house dust and pet dander. These conditioners do not filter the air nor purify it. Keeping in mind that asthmatic’s and children are extremely sensitive to dust, inhaling these indoor allergens can worsen their breathing conditions and lead to a major asthma event.

Tip: Switch to Health Conditioners which not only cool the room but also purify the air and filter harmful pollutants.

Besides cooling, health conditioners filter out unhealthy particles, removes the dangerous VOCs from the air and kills airborne bacteria.

02 Control Moisture

Nooks and corners of your home where the moisture gets collected easily should be regularly cleaned and dried.

Tip: You can try a simple, DIY trick at home to control moisture in corners. Simply place an open bowl of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) anywhere that you have moisture problems—including cabinets and cupboards.

03 Avoid the use of air fresheners

Can air fresheners trigger asthma? Air fresheners with chemicals and scented candles may trigger allergy symptoms and aggravate existing allergies and worsen asthma. While they make your rooms smell better, at the same time they also emit volatile chemicals into the air.

04 Install air purifiers with HEPA filters

Installing an air purifier with a high efficiency particulate air filtration (HEPA) filter is another option for purifying the air.  Air purifiers can trap small particles and pollutants such as molds, smoke, house dust and also remove foul odor, thereby significantly improving indoor air quality. Understand the true value of investing in HEPA air purifiers

Tip: Make sure to consider the room size- while opting for an air purifier. There are a variety of technologically advanced air purifiers available in the market that offer customized solutions. Choose an air purifier with a recommended room size larger than your room dimension.

05 Prioritize hygiene

It will help in protection from viral infections that trigger asthma. Frequently wash your hands, it is one of the best and simplest ways to prevent the spread of any contagious disease.

06 Consult a doctor

Consult doctors immediately when experiencing symptoms such as nasal dripping, watery & itchy eyes, constant coughing and allergic conjunctivitis.

07 Vacuum and naturally sterilize your home regularly

Traditional ways of cleaning like mopping and cleaning with a broom are unhygienic and disburse dirt and dust from one room to another. Instead, use vacuum your home regularly using professional vacuum cleaners and steam cleaners.

08 Pet allergies

Pet dander or pet hair shedding in home causes allergy triggers. Regular vacuuming or pet hovering with a vacuum cleaner is suggested. An air purifier will also filter out dust, pollen and mold which is carried around in the house via pet dander.

With the help of these few lifestyle changes, take care of your lungs and breathe healthy, beginning this World Asthma Day!

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Dr. Abhay Kumar, Chief Scientific Officer, Eureka Forbes Institute of Environment