Sustaining Environment

By integrating people, processes and products
through green initiatives

We dream of making our world happy, healthy, safe and pollution free, built on trust and lasting relationships.

Environment Policy

Ensuring total compliance with all applicable environment, legal and other requirements; and wherever possible, seeking to exceed them through:

By Integrating environmentally friendly design in all our products and creating Eco-Friendly & Energy Efficient Products extending the life of Products through up gradation.

By Increasing environmental awareness amongst our employees motivating them to participate in and promoting organizational endeavors to protect the environment.

By Developing the Green Building Certified Manufacturing Facility, Optimizing energy and water consumption and tapping the renewable energy resources.

By Devising the environment friendly process steps, Adapting the 3 R principle and increasing the life of the materials.

Aquamall is committed to maintain environmental friendliness in our products, people, places and processes and being environmental caretakers of our ‘Mother Earth'.