Global Quality Standards & Processes

That make Aquamall a unique manufacturing facility

Aquamall Advantage

Each of the products manufactured by Aquamall is subjected to stringent quality standards prescribed by reputed Indian & international entities.
A member of the Water Quality Association (USA), Aquamall has more than 300 product certifications from respected national and international laboratories as well as research institutes.
Amongst these are the prestigious Pretoria University (South Africa), University of Minnesota (USA), University of Sunderland (UK), Water Quality Centre (UK) and Analytical Laboratory (Singapore).

Over time, Aquamall has built a formidable value along the lines of:

  •  Very strong domain knowledge in water purification & vacuum cleaner products.
  •  Robust Product and Process Engineering support.
  •  Excellent component Sourcing strength with high volume procurement capabilities.
  •  Strong financial background.
  •  Highly skilled manpower.
  •  Use of SAP for ERP support.
  •  ISO certified plants and few Products are BIS certified.
  •  Multi location- multi products manufacturing capability.
  •  Experience in Exporting products to various countries all over the world.

    Core Advantages

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    We maintain the highest standards of quality by partnering with ISO 9000 certified vendors.

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    Aquamall’s culture is integrated with practices such as factory automation, continuous improvement, problem prevention, zero defect tolerance, customer-driven just-in- time production, and total quality management.


    Added Advantages

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    Intellectual Property Protection

    AquaMall follows a strict Intellectual Property Protection Plan (IPPP) which ensures secure & reliable handling of technology. Our partners therefore are assured of their IP security while deriving the benefits of our manufacturing in India.

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    The Highly Qualified team of Doctorates & Microbiologists at Aquamall continuously strive for latest technology & Research in Water Domain with top priority to the Health of Customer.

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    Financial Benefits

    Being a World Class Manufacturer Aquamall employs cutting edge processes and systems. This coupled with years of expertise and superior supplier relations built over time enable Aquamall to provide quality operations at higher efficiencies leading to improved delivery performance. Thereby resulting in competitive pricing which is difficult to match.