Aquaguard Select AWS 3500
Water Softener

Designed for heavy usage in homes that receive high amounts of iron and / or sediments, this softener can treat water with a hardness of up to 2050 ppm.
Zero Manual Effort

Fully Automated

Once set, the water softening media will regenerate itself automatically.

Looks After Itself

Intelligent Inside

Based on the usage, it automatically selects regeneration function, making it hassle free and economical. Just set it and forget it.

Maintains Salt Levels

Salt Monitor System

Indicates when salt content is low for uninterrupted, hassle free operation.

Removes Sediments

Additional Sediment

Beneficial for water supplies containing iron and/or high amounts of sediments like sand, silt, dirt and more.

Keeps You Informed

LCD Display Panel

Features an easy-to-read LCD display panel with details of the current setting.

Maintains Previous Setting

Auto Setting Lock

If electric power to the softener’s control is lost, internal memory will maintain its previous setting.

Technical Specifications

  • Weight 52 kg
  • Dimensions MM (WxDxH) 122 x 53 x 43 cm
  • Water Flow Rate 38 litres/minute
  • Input Water Pressure 1.5 - 5.0 kg/cm2
  • Input Water Temperature 5°C - 49°C
  • Iron (max) 3 mg/litre
  • Resin Volume 35 litres

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