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The wide range of Dr. Aeroguard and Aeroguard purifiers priced between MRP ₹1390.00-MRP ₹39990.00 are designed to let you breathe healthier. With the ability to purify the indoor air quickly, the air purifiers can be easily installed in your room, living area, kitchen, bathroom or car, within an area ranging from 2.79 sq mt to 102.19 sq mt.

Dr Aeroguard

The Dr. Aeroguard air purifiers with 9 stage purification process and Active shield 2X can clean the indoor air with an efficiency rate of 99.9%. The air purifiers can clean your rooms and living area and are priced between MRP ₹8990.00 - MRP ₹39990.00.


Patented with Activeshield technology, the Aeroguard range of air purifiers are designed to give you pure and healthy air. The compact air purifiers can clean your car indoors, washrooms, kitchens and are priced between MRP ₹1390.00 to MRP ₹29990.00.