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Vaccum Cleaners

The vivid range of Euroclean and Forbes vacuum cleaners with deep cleaning technology add a new look and feel to your living space. The vacuum cleaners clean both wet and dry surfaces of your indoor, outdoor and car and are priced between ₹2,500-₹25,000.

Vacuum Cleaners for Indoor Use

Equipped with advanced cleaning technology, the indoor vacuum cleaners can remove hidden dust and mites from hard to reach places, to create a healthy and safe living space for you and your family. Be it your carpet, floors, mattresses or couches these vacuum cleaners give you the feel of expert cleaning, as they wipe out the most stringent dust and dirt from even hard to reach surfaces. The vivid range of accessories also let you clean hard surfaces like furniture, floors and walls.

Vacuum Cleaners for Outdoor Use

With latest innovative designs and powerful suction, the wide range of outdoor vacuum cleaners are designed to ease your manual efforts, making outdoor cleaning less of a chore. From gates to grills, from garages to verandas, the versatile range of accessories let you clean your outdoors with no much hassles and with utmost ease. You will no longer have to worry about spending hours cleaning your outdoors, as the high power cleaning equipment delivers high efficiency within less time and with low noise.

Vacuum Cleaners for Car

The portable, light weight vacuum cleaners serve as the perfect cleaning accessories for your car. Be it the car seats or other interiors, the sturdy car cleaning accessories can clean the most stringent dust and dirt to create a spotless look and feel. You can also carry the vacuum cleaner along with you while you drive away as they are extremely handy and highly portable. You and your loved ones can travel in the most hygienic car space, not worrying a bit about hidden dust, mites or disease-causing bacteria.

Vacuum Cleaners for Dry Surfaces

With a perfect blend of functionality and excellence, the vacuum cleaners promote hygiene in every form. Be it extreme dust or minutest mites, the advanced range of vacuum cleaners can wipe it all out within a blink of an eye. The portability feature of vacuum cleaners let you move it around your indoor space to clean every nook and corner effortlessly. The varied range of accessories can also clean hard to reach places, adding a spic and span look to your living space.

Vacuum Cleaners for Wet and Dry Surfaces

The versatile range of vacuum cleaners can not only clean dry surfaces but wet floors too, which means that you will no more have to struggle to get rid of rigid spills. With just one wipe you can remove the most stringent stains and dirt, creating floors with great impressions. You will no longer have to spend all your time in daily chores, or indulge in tiring activities of floor scrubbing, as the vacuum cleaner helps you carry out expert cleaning with less time.

Vacuum Cleaners for Soft Surfaces

It is important for you to choose the right mode of cleaning when it comes to the soft surfaces of your home, for an inappropriate source could cause damage to its quality and appeal. The unique range of vacuum cleaners are designed to efficiently clean soft surfaces like your sofas, cushions and beds, with no remains of dirt or dust on it. A number of accessories that are included in the vacuum cleaners help you protect your valuables from being damaged by improper care, while it also lets you live in a hygienic space.

Euroclean Vacuum Cleaners

The versatile range of Euroclean Vacuum cleaner lets you choose from Premium series, Essential series and Daily mop series. From high power cleaning to a vivid accessory range, the Euroclean Vacuum cleaners can deliver superior performance with every use. The deep cleaning technology ensures that every nook and corner of your house is cleaned effectively, while its powerful suction eases your efforts of manual cleaning. The vacuum cleaners are available within a price range of Rs. 1990 to Rs. 20490 and are ultimately designed for enhanced user experience.

Forbes Vacuum Cleaners

You can now switch to smart cleaning and promote hygiene in every possible way without having to lift a finger. The exquisite range of Forbes vacuum cleaners consist of those that are lightweight and best suited for daily use, along with those that perfectly match the needs of multipurpose cleaning. The exquisite range of Forbes vacuum cleaners facilitate multipurpose cleaning as they are enabled with lightweight features. By delivering efficient cleaning and optimum health, it stands out to be great value for money ranging from Rs. 2499 to Rs. 9999.