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Aquasure Galaxy - Water Purifier  
  • The AquaSure Galaxy is an intelligent friend who lets you take care of your family, without having to worry about smaller details like the filter cartridge running out. AquaSure Galaxy is India’s 1st storage water purifier with a year-long cartridge life. It easily removes harmful disease-causing bacteria & virus to give you 3000 litres of safe drinking water for a whole year. Once it is fully used, the genuine end of life cartridge indicator ensures that you don’t have to worry about replacing the cartridge and any recurring maintenance cost.
MRP Rs. 2,199/-    

  • Toughened Body
    Its special durable material prevents breakage.

  • Storage Capacity
    With ample storage capacity of 20 litres, it ensures that you never run short of safe drinking water.

  • Trust of 10 Million Families
    Cartridge Life of 3000 Litres.

  • Cartridge Life Unit
    Genuine End of Life – Cartridge Indicator - It alerts you when a cartridge is rendered useless.

  • No Boiling
    It ensures complete freedom from all hassles of boiling.

  • No Running Water
    It does not require continuous tap water supply.

  • No Virus. No Bacteria. No Cysts.
    It removes all disease causing bacteria, viruses and cysts to give pure and safe drinking water for your family.
Input Water Turbidity ( NTU)10 NTU (max.)
Material of ConstructionFood grade, Non-Toxic engineering Plastics.
Rated Voltage (Volts)Non Electric
Tank Capacity (Liters)20
Bottom Transparent Container Water Capacity11.5
Dimensions275 x 275 x 510 in mm (W x D x H)
Filter CartridgesParticulate Filter, Sediment Filter, Carbon Block, USEPA registered active disinfectant Flavour cartridge
Input Water Temperature (degree)10°C - 30°C
Net Weight ( Kg)2.7 Kg
Purification Capacity (Liters)3000
Top Transparent Container Water Capacity8.5

Note: Technical Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

  AquaSure Galaxy Cartridges
The AquaSure Purification Cartridges set has been specially designed for AquaSure storage water purifiers. It removes suspended impurities as well as organic chemicals. It also destroys diseases causing bacteria and virus, thus giving your family protection from harmful water borne diseases.
The life of this cartridges is 3000 liters. MRP Rs. 799/-


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