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Fact #1:

Indoor air pollution is 10 times more polluted than outside air. Source: (US Environment Protection Agency)

Spending most of your time indoors does not mean you are protected from air pollution. Indoor air pollution is 10 times more dangerous than outdoor pollution. WHO states that a pollutant released indoors is 1000 times more likely to affect people’s lungs.

Fact #2:

All Air Conditioners do not purify the air in your room.

Most Air conditioners have pre-filters which can only trap larger pollutants above 10 microns in size, and are not effective against all micro-organisms. In fact, breathing in an air conditioned room can be more dangerous since it only re-circulates the stale air.

Fact #3:

Good ventilation does not ensure good air quality.

Keeping windows and doors open for ventilation does not ensure good air quality. Various pollutants like pollen grains, hydrocarbons, dust, etc enter your home which worsens the indoor pollution making your loved ones even more prone to the effects of indoor air pollution.

Fact #4:

Room fresheners can aggravate asthma.

Using room fresheners may make your air seem fresh, but its not pure. Survey findings state that most air fresheners have chemicals that can affect reproductive development and aggravate asthma.


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