• Appliance Control : It allows the user to remotely control home appliance and make home control easy. It allows remote On/Off control of specified devices drawing up to 16 amp current so that your appliances like microwave ovens, washing machine and geysers can be remotely controlled.
  • Fixed Angle Camera : This camera equips you with a constant steady view in a particular angle. Making it easy for you to monitor your home.
  • Universal Remote : The unique universal remote controls all the devices which are connected to your automated system and also enables you to control your AV equipments.
    PIR Motion Sensor : The PIR Motion Sensor is easy to install and will alert you whenever physical motion occurs within 20 feet of the sensor. So, whether it's a sleepwalking child, or an unwelcome trespasser, you'll know when someone's on the move. False-trigger reduction technology minimizes unnecessary alerts.
    Master Controller : This device is the central component of the system.It connects all home appliances and fixtures to the integrated network.
  • Dual Switch : The Micro Switch/Dual Switch/Dimmer allows you to control your home appliances and lighting fixtures i.e., power on/off and also works as a dimmer. It even allows you to schedule events in advance; such as turning the radio on every morning, etc.
  • Siren / Hooter : When your system is armed, the Siren provides a piercing audible alarm and strobe light in response to any breach in security detected by the sensors. It will even provide audible feedback (a chirp) when a sensor is triggered while your system is unarmed.
    Pan and Tilt Camera : With a Video Resolution of 640 X 480 the Pan and Tilt Camera gives you a 270 degree horizontal and 90 degree vertical view of your home.
    Magnetic Door Window : The Wireless Door/Window Sensor creates a magnetic seal between itself and a contact surface. In the event of a security breach, it sends an alert to your cell phone or email address.

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