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Dust Free Homes

Fact #1:

Daily sweeping and mopping does not remove allergy & asthma causing dust mites from your home.

What looks clean may not be 100% healthy. Sweeping and swabbing does not remove dust embedded in your pillows, mattresses, sofa etc. It only unsettles the dust, which again covers all the soft surfaces, crevices and corners. A vacuum cleaner is recommended to effectively remove dust mites.

Dust Free Homes

Fact #2:

Dust mites are not visible to the naked eye.

Dust mites are the invisible enemy in our homes which can’t be seen through the naked eye. Millions of these dreaded dust mites are embedded in your sofas, beds, pillows etc causing allergy and asthma. Dust mites can be seen only under an electron microscope. They feed on human skin and multiply fast.

Fact #3:

Vacuum Cleaners can be used for dry dusting, cleaning and mopping as well.

With Euroclean vacuum cleaners, you can not only clean up dry dust but also pick up wet spills. It even provides steam cleaning resulting in steam sanitisation.


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