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Myth #1:

Home Automation Solutions are complex to install.

The New iLiving Lifestyle Automation Solutions offers quick and easy installation can be retrofitted and are completely scalable. Thus, allowing you to add appliances and home spaces/rooms to the network at anytime in the future.

Myth #2:

Home Automation Systems are difficult to use.

The i-Living Lifestyle automation solutions allows you to control all the integrated devices at your fingertips - through your remote control, tablet, PC and smartphone.

Myth #3:

Home Automation Solutions are not portable. What will happen when I shift my residence?

The Network and Devices can be relocated easily and conveniently. Besides, no hard wiring is required, enabling wireless mobility as well.

Myth #4:

Use of Home Automation can lead to wastage of electrical energy.

This is not true. In fact, power wastage can be minimized using creative rules.

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