Green Scorecard

The Earth is common to all of us. We cannot damage it without damaging those with whom we share it. Every wasted drop of water, piece of paper, or unsustainable resource is part of the problem. So if we all tried to make a positive impact, just think about the difference we could make together.

Green Scorecard is an initiative from Eureka Forbes that has been conceived with a purpose to raise awareness among people to minimize carbon footprint and make ‘Earth’ a greener and better place to live. The Green Ticker feeds on real time data and showcases Total CO2 saved on account of consumers using Aquaguard water purifiers instead of boiling water.

Date & Time :

Taking Individual airline trips between New York and
New Delhi (non-stop, directroute) per Passenger :

Using 60-Watt Lightbulbs continuously for one year :

Litres of Petrol Consumed :

Tons of Coal being burnt :

Kilometers driven in an average sized petrol car :

No. of times travelled between Mumbai and Delhi
via flight :


Planting Tropical Trees with an average lifespan of
40 years :


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