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Eureka Forbes is a company with a progressive technology vision. We have long recognized the vital role innovation plays in bringing safer, better and increasingly valuable technologies to benefit our customers. We believe in "Open Innovation" where new technologies, ideas and products from within and outside are constantly explored, evaluated and wherever found suitable, adopted and implemented. The "Not Invented Here" syndrome is unknown to us! We believe that the best ideas can come from anywhere and the challenge is in developing value-creating and mutually rewarding partnerships to bring the innovations to the market.

True to our "Friend for Life" corporate philosophy, our valued partners have grown with us through mutually profitable win-win relationships. We have an unparalleled track record of working with global technology companies, many in start-up stage and our relationships have transformed these small start-ups to independent larger companies, for many of which, we remain their major customer.

These attributes have helped Eureka Forbes earn the trust of partners over many years of continuous and growing relationships. We bring solid market knowledge and entrepreneurial zeal to take innovative technologies to market and have globally admired sales training programs to disseminate the benefits of such innovative technologies across the selling chain. These unique attributes helped Eureka Forbes achieve the coveted MAKE (Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise) award for several years in a row.

Eureka Forbes invites individuals and companies anywhere in the world to join us in developing new products and technologies to meet the new market challenges and changing consumer expectations.

Many products developed under Open Innovation Model are enduring winners for both Eureka Forbes and our developmental partners.

Some of these winners include -

The Aquaguard Total Range of Water Purification Systems.

The Aquasure range of storage Water Purifiers using EPA-registered advanced contact biocidal resin technology.

The Robocleanz India's First Automatic Vacuum Cleaner and dust mite deactivator.

Self-Contained Mechanised Floor Cleaning machine – Keeping one of the world's longest beaches (Marina Beach, Chennai) beautiful.

The heart of Eureka Forbes 'open innovation' model rests with the Global Innovation Centre that houses our R&D labs, where we constantly pursue innovative products and value-creating partnerships. The quest for innovation never stops here – Will you join us?

If you have developed an innovative technology or marketable solution that has applications in our business areas, we invite you to be our partner in growth. Please submit the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your interest in Eureka Forbes – Together We Can! Click Here


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