I was a shy girl, engrossed in the problems of my own family. Being a handicap, life wasn’t that easy. I used to restrict myself in the confines of my house. My father passed away due to a chronic disease - cancer, then sisters got married and eventually I was left alone to take responsibility of my family. I experimented with many things initially and nothing seemed to work. I still remember the day when I went for a job interview of a typist. My application was torn in fRont of my eyes due to my physical disability and nervousness caused due to the new environment I was stepping into. But today I have all the courage and strength to wipe my tears myself and face every challenge. I am here because somewhere deep down I believed in myself and that very belief led me to EuroAble. I was trained thoroughly in communication skills and was provided with product knowledge. Today, I am not only groomed but also confident which has helped to shape up my life. From interacting with my seniors fluently to showing proficiency in handling SAP process, every day has been a milestone ever since I joined EuroAble. I have had an experience that can’t be expressed in words. My experience doesn’t end at my profession at EuroAble but now has extended to my personal happiness. EuroAble has not only given me a platform for financial stability and professional growth but has also helped me in finding my soul mate in the same place!