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Myth #1:

Why should I spend money in installing water purifier?

Investing in water purifier insures pure safe drinking water for your employees. This reduces absenteeism due to sickness caused by water borne diseases, hence ensuring your productivity .

Myth #2:

My business premises receive Municipal water, which is safe to drink.

Contaminants in ground, chemicals etc get mixed with drinking water. This causes physical, chemical and microbiological impurities to contaminate your drinking water

Myth #3:

My employees are provided with packaged / canned drinking water, which is safe.

Yes it is provided, bottlers maintain a hygienic processing environment, reuse of bottles/cans and caps, handling & storage can lead to contaminated water.

Myth #4:

My business premise is equipped with a candle filter.

Filters only remove large particles but are unable to remove harmful chemical, bacteria and harmful viruses.


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