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CS 140 - Sweepers | Cleaning Equipment
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  • CS 140 is a road sweeping machine designed with both the working environment and the operator in mind. It runs on advanced technology that provides exceptional and intensive cleaning to revolutionise urban and Industrial hygiene like never before. Roads, parking lots and large squares are currently cleaned using mechanical or suction collection machines. The CS 140 is fitted with a “twin action technology” that combines the performance of two machines in one single compact machine, creating an impact of two actions in one solution. Designed and patented by Comac, this dual system combines the strength of mechanical action to collect larger waste and the efficiency of the suction action for finer dust to ensure maximum quality results. The machine is also designed to reduce water consumption making it an all-weather machine and facilitating use even in the most difficult conditions.
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  • Perkins Industrial Open Power Motor
    The motor comes with displacement of 4400 cc and provides 100 HP (75 kW) at just 2000 rpm.
    It has been specifically developed for continued applications and low fuel consumption.
    The engine is particularly suitable for heavy and continuous work, even for prolonged daily work cycles.

  • Central Brush
    The central brush is floating and self-levelling to maintain constant contact with the ground.
    It does not require any setting before or during work.

  • Suction Turbine Powered by a hydraulic motor
    the suction turbine can supply up to 14000 m /h air flow and is adjustable to three suction levels to adapt to performances as necessary.

  • Delivery Augers
    The screws are made of two steel shafts, both with a spiral which are hydraulically driven and rotate on the same axis.
    The augers can collect and reduce the volume of debris of various sizes.
    In case of very large waste, a safety system intervenes from reversing the direction of rotation.

  • Cloth Dust Filter
    The filter assembly has a surface of 50 m and is equipped with two shakers for its cleaning; therefore ordinary maintenance is almost zero.

  • Waste Hopper
    Wear waste hopper, with its large capacity of 2000 litres with filter and 3500 litres without filter is lifted by two hydraulic pistons.

  • Driving Cabin
    The interiors are designed to ensure maximum comfort and safety of the operator.
Air Flow14000 m /h
Power100/75 HP/kW
Central cylindrical brush diameter600 mm
Filter surface area(m²)50 m2
Fuel Tank105 L
Length4580 mm
Machine height during work2500 mm
Machine width1755 mm
Max. hopper dumping height1800 mm
MotorPerkins Engine
Motor revolutions2000 Rpm
Side Brush Dia700 mm
Suction Power45 kW
Turning radius4250 mm
Waste hopper capacity (gross)3500 ltr
Water tank capacity (optional)200 ltr
Working width with 2side brushes (mm)2220 mm
Working width with central brush1400 mm

Note: Technical Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.


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