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Back Vac - Vacuum Cleaner | Cleaning Equipment
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  • Back VAC is a light weight, portable vacuum cleaner which is suitable in cinema halls and aircrafts to clean the upholstery. Equipped with a powerful vacuum motor, it provides good suction efficiency. The attached HEPA filter provides clean air, collecting all the dust in its bag.
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  • Ergonomic Design

  • High Efficiency Vacuum Motor

  • Multi Level Filtering System

  • It has a double layer dust bag, double filter for VAC motor protection and HEPA H13 filter.

  • Stretch Hose 4:1

  • Extension Wand 2:1

  • Full Dust Bag Buzzer
Air Flow26 ltr/sec
Dust Bag Capacity6.5 Ltr
Net weight4.5 Kgs
Vacuum motor1000W
Voltage230 V
Dust bag / tank capacity6.5 ltr
Rated power1000 W
Suction25 KPa

Note: Technical Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.


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