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Myth #1:

Mechanized cleaning is a sophisticated process as compared to manual cleaning.

The nity grities of manual cleaning has been transformed into mechanized form with the use of technology; hence mechanized cleaning is a process free from fatigue, "one button" operation and far more effective cleaning as compared to manual cleaning.

Myth #2:

Mechanized cleaning is costlier than manual cleaning.

With labour costs touching the roof and availability scarce, it is imperative that there be a system where there is a reduction of both. Mechanized cleaning reduces the requirement of personnel as its productivity would be 4-5 times more than that of a single person.

Myth #3:

Vacuum cleaners and floor care machines are units of luxury.

In many cases like in industries, industrial vacuum cleaners are used to recover waste material to be recycled thus reducing their wastages. In hospitals, floor care machines like scrubber dryers are useful to maintain the level of "hygiene" and the aesthetics. In a business where time is money, mechanized cleaning provides optimized productivity and efficiency.

Myth #4:

Why to go for professional cleaning chemicals when regular domestic chemicals are easily available and cheaper?

Professional cleaning chemicals are designed with special additives and cleaning agents to target the soiling ingredients in a more precise and effective manner. Domestic chemicals would be processed and manufactured to be used at homes.


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